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    Cool tool that syncs your RSS feed to Twitter and then on to whatever outlet you choose:


    Finally, there are some great studies online about how the Zappos guys are using Twitter. JetBlue is getting some good press too.


    Hi, thanks for the rundown and the panel in general - great stuff. Btw, I got the link to Chad's handout to the mktg terms to work with one minor correction in the URL, deleting the last slash you have in the link above:


    Can you please list Chad's full name and his organization? I'd like to check out their web presence, but no one is listed in the APAP program book for that e-marketing talk. Thanks for posting this!

    Domestic Remedy

    Thanks, Islamoyankee & John!

    Jack, Chad is Chad Herzog, the Director of Performing Arts at Juniata College in PA:

    listen music

    Oooh! a very good media player. That's awesome.

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